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Promoted 10 Reasons to love MusicCast

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1. True Sound
From the concert stage to the recording studio, Yamaha’s unrivalled musical history has shaped the way we listen to music in the home for over 130 years. And it is with this unyielding ambition to reproduce the intangible nuances of a live musical performance that inspires innovation and redefines how we experience music - bringing you closer to the artist.

2. Wide Range
From AV receivers to sound bars, to wireless speakers – whatever your needs are, MusicCast brings your home entertainment experience to a whole new level.

3. Flexibility
Unlock the full capabilities of wireless surround sound by combining a MusicCast Sound Bar* with a pair of MusicCast 20 speakers or a MusicCast 50. Sync the speakers seamlessly to produce an immersive experience.

Sound Bars - MusicCast BAR 400, MusicCast BAR 40

4. Upgradability
Upgrade to the ultimate wireless surround sound by combining a MusicCast AV receiver* with a pair of MusicCast 20 speakers or a MusicCast 50(s). Sync the speakers seamlessly to produce the ultimate, immersive experience for enjoying your favourite TV shows, movies and games.

AV Receivers - CX-A5200, RX-A3080, RX-A2080, RX-A1080, RX-A880, RX-A680, RX-V685, RX-V585, RX-V485, RX-D485, RX-S602

5. Intuitive App
It’s in the palm of your hands — with the free MusicCast app, just tap to play the music you want to hear.

6. Multi-Room Audio
Discover the powerful capabilities of Yamaha’s Multi-Room technology that elevates your listening experience in the spaces you love.

Imagine sharing all the music you love throughout the home – no matter the format. From your favourite vinyl to AirPlay®, Bluetooth®, music streaming services* and even sound from your TV - MusicCast has it covered.

7. Voice Control
Touch or voice control – the choice is yours. Intuitively control a single MusicCast product or an entire MusicCast system with ease using Alexa or Google Assistant.

8. Amazing Technology
Today, Yamaha remains at the cutting-edge of technology with a new generation of home audio devices that enable you to access and share music effortlessly. Meet The MusicCast VINYL 500 - our game changing wireless turntable - share the joy of your record collection in any room.

9. Reliability
Superior construction, detailed design and innovative technology combine to reflect an ethos of the world’s biggest Musical Instrument manufacturer.

10. UK Support Team
AV technical support teams are on hand to answer any questions and to solve any issues you may have.

Check out the full range of MusicCast products here: Discover True Sound - Yamaha - UK and Ireland
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