10% off at Pricestorm


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so did i !

have just went for the american pie trilogy

and am debating whether to buy the two towers gift set.

Will K

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Cheers, just ordered 101 Reykjavik and Bullet in the Head for £19.78.
Not bad seeing as Bullet in the Head isn't even released yet.:clap:

Indiana Jones

Nice one, have been thinking about buying a few of the Fox BOGOF DVDs and even though its only 90p saved per title it convinced me to place an order, just a shame that out of the 3 titles I wanted they only had 1 instock.


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I've gone for one of the Fox DVDs (out of stock) and a couple of memory cards for my digi camera and the mother in laws... keeps her happy ;) Thanks Lazarus.
The memory card prices look very good, especially with 10% off


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10% Discount code FNN0404 still works :D

Just ordered some more stuff with it, no problem.

thanks again for that Lazarus :smashin: :beer:
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