10% off all DVDs at Amazon (with £6 rental)


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Amazon.co.uk gives 10% off all DVD purchases to members of any of its DVD rental plans. The cheapest rental plan is £6 per month, for 3 DVDs. So it's worth joining for one month if you're going to spend more than £60 on DVDs.

For example, I just bought a big boxed set priced at £130. Joining the rental plan reduced this to £123 (£130 -10% +£6) and I get 3 rentals thrown in. I'll cancel the rental subscription at the end of the month.

Indiana Jones

I signed up last week and ordered the X-Files Complete Boxset for £121.49 which is a bargain :thumbsup:


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I've been renting with Amazon for over a year now and the 10% is a nice bonus, I've used it quite a few times if the item is particularly well priced at Amazon already.

Good idea to join as you say if you are buying a big box set anyway...PJ


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I think I'll wait for Amazon to drop the price of the Friends boxset to £120 again as it's gone up to £130! :(

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