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10 metre audio run - Sat/DVD box to amp.


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Hi all (again!).

Almost close to completing cable run throughout the house (Coax, CAT6, HDMI runs etc).
I've received some great advice on here and I'm happy with what I've put in place (need to be as ceilings are going back up soon).

Part of my plan (planning ahead really) is to place the sat boxes (and Blu Ray player, though that might be superceded by streaming the movie files instead) in the loft/hub.
I've planned it so this can happen (enough runs of Coax/Cat6 and HDMI).
Howver...what I've failed to take into account is the audio run. Possibly because since moving house and starting this project, I haven't had my old amp up and running - just audio direct from the TV. However, in the old place I ran the audio from the Sat box (and DVD) via optical (the 6:1 Sony STR K890 amp I own has that connection but little else).

Do I need to consider dropping in optical cables (it's approx 8 metres - 10 max with a bit of slack) bearing in mind my current amp (which I can't afford to replace for some time for one with ethernet) had 2x optical and three HDMI (two in one out) and coaxial input?

Little bit out of the loop when it comes to transmitting digital audio and each amp will be staying in the rooms with the TV's rather than in the hub (I'm using the amps for TV sound, game system audio, internet radio et al).

This is a pic of the back of said amp (I'll be purchsing other amps for other rooms over time...sonos is a contender to be fair):


Although the sat box might be sat in the same room for a while, it will most likely end up in the hub (controlled via IR). I can only see a 10 metre optical cable as being an option really?

Slight aside - would I need any other audio cable when playing dvd/blu ray files from a HP N40L server or would all the necessary data/audio be carried via ethernet :confused:

Many thanks.


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Hi folks - apologies - the above may have been a little too 'round the houses'..

In a nutshell, can anyone confirm whether it's ideal to drop a run of optical cable from the hub in the loft for audio (if I were to place either a Sat tuner or DVD/Blu Ray player) to the amp or rely on the CAT6 cabling I've just dropped in?

I still have time (and space) to drop one or two runs of cable (HDMI for starters) but unsure whether 10 metres is pushing optical cable (I've only used 1.5 metres in the past). Not ever owning a Blu Ray player I'm also not sure as to how digital audio is sent via those machines?

Many thanks!

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