10 Kinect games announcing at E3 inc. 'Hardcore'


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Moles speaking to Eurogamer have leaked tentative details on Microsoft’s E3 conference, namely that there’ll be ten new Kinect titles announced.

One source says that the games announced “won’t be obvious” and another said that they’ll be “hardcore” – all ten are expected to be non-sequels, although there will be sequels revealed too.

One such game is likely to be “Kinect Sports 2″, the follow-up to one of the system’s best launch titles (alongside Dance Central of course) and the same studio, Rare, are also working on a second Kinect title.

What these ten ‘hardcore’ Kinect games will be is anyone’s guess just now, but expect one to be based on an open world Forza title.
We’ll be at E3 bringing you the news first-hand.


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Ten hardcore games? As much as I would like to see it (I really would love for that to happen) I don't think Microsoft is capable of that as they don't have that many studios. If there are 10 hardcore games I'd imagine they are being published by Microsoft but developed by a 3rd party, are XBLA games (like The Gunstringer) or are developed and published by someone else.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what they announce for Kinect at E3 and if they announce a "hardcore"/"core" game at E3 that uses Kinect that would be very interesting. I would love to see how Microsoft would make a game for an audience that is very comfortable with a controller and likes the accuracy it provides.

Microsoft also sent out a press release a little while back saying they would triple their Kinect titles by the end of the year.

But I'm worried these will all be casual focused games, saying that there is nothing wrong with casual focused games but I want something new and with a deep(er) narrative story and not just mini game collections.

By the sounds of it there are a few titles for the Kinect that will be due out sometime soon (along with titles already announced):
Kinect Me
Kinect Googly Eyes
Hole in the Wall
Fruit Ninja Kinect

None of those sound like hardcore titles but Kinect Me or Kinect Googly Eyes could be aimed at core gamers as their names don't give too much away.

There was also roumors that Microsoft's new Vancouver based studio MGS Vancouver are working on a Kinect shooter. If this roumor is true I'd imagine it's an on rails shooter as I am not sure how you would add movement using Kinect.


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looks good doesn't it, but these are just the confirmed once ... cant wait for E3 ;p


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Forza? I wonder how that will work.


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Less than 2 weeks before the E3 2011 and after the creation of the [email protected] dedicated website, Microsoft has sent out badges for their big conference to the press members. The sticker gives us hints of games that will be revealed.
We clearly recognize the lightsaber, the name of Luke Skywalker and the famous “May the force be with you” for Kinect Star Wars and the car leads to Forza 4. But you already know about these games.
Games revealed at E3?

Could the “Spartans Unite” be Codename: Kingdoms? And the guitar be related to Harmonix new game? Does the thunderbolt represent Kinect's Powerup Heroes?
Non-kinect games are also shown, of course among those are: Halo, Portal, Gears of War, Batman and Tomb Raider.


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Forza? I wonder how that will work.

At their 2010 E3 demo I they showed it as accelerating for you as you try to steer a car round passing slower cars and a mode that allowed you to use Kinect to look at a car and see extra details about it.

YouTube - ‪Forza 4 Xbox 360 Kinect/Natal E3 2010 Gameplay HD‬‏

But I do hope if they add more to it than what they showed at E3 last year and add something in that allows you to use a controller or wheel and the Kinect (i.e. head tracking).
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