10.5.7 & printers problem


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Mar 2, 2003
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Anyone have printer issues after 10.5.7? My MacBook had two printers loaded a Brother and Canon. Since the update my Canon has disappeared (files still in the HD library) and scanning for or reinstalling the drivers is unsuccessful the MacBook can't find them or see them.

I need the Canon urgently as its the one I print DVDs with and I have a backlog of printing!

Any ideas? :confused:
Yes the Canon is USB, the Brother wireless.

Interesting as I've picked up a few issues from .7 including the fact that my iMac doesn't ask for the account password after the screen suspends which a major nuisance. Though all my USB My Books are fine.

I'll have to attach the Canon to the iMac (different room, unplug etc) to see if its replicated though it won't be conclusive as the Canon has never been attached to the iMac.
i have a Canon Printer USB set to be shared to Intel imac and G4 ibook and found i had to disable then re-enable printer sharing after most recent update to imac G5, try dat

Right well to get things done yesterday I connected the Canon to the iMac which was fine (except iDVD crashed 6-7 times during the day, I SO hate this app as always) - going back to the MacBook today.
OK so now all is hunky dory on the MacBook. What was wrong I have no idea but its working today.

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