1 year without PC accessability. Can I still realistically use a Digital Camera?



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I'm going to live in Tanzania for a year and was considering buying a digital camera. The problem I have is that I do not know if I will have any PC access and there is also a high chance that I won't be able to get any photographs developed out there from a digital flash card. So therefore could I leave a load of images on a flash card for a year? My thinking was that if I had a number of smaller cards then if I lost a card or the images got corrupted then I wouldn't loose a year supply of photos.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

How about something like this...
I use one for when I'm on holiday...
I've also got several DVD's on there for the children and plenty of albums....
It can store a fair few photos..... and you can get ones twice the size too....
I'm sure others will recommend other similar products, but I'm more than happy to recommend this....
I would certainly recommend the X-Drive that big@l mentions but not at those prices!!

To be fair that is the average price for one of these in the UK. However the X-Drive is availiable as just a card reader and you can then fit your own hard drive into it as long as it is a 2.5" (laptop size) drive and is 9.5mm heigh.

In the UK again the card reader on its own costs a rediculose £133 but I just ordered one from the USA and only paid £58 delivered. You can then buy a 40GB drive for around £70 new or for about £50 on Ebay and so for between £110 and £130 you would have room to store thousands of photos. The great thing about the X-Drive is that you can fit any size hard drive you like as long as its 2.5" & 9.5mm.
Get an IPOD. I am pretty sure that it can be used to upload
images from a camera. (may need an add-on?)

Plus you can take your music with you.
The problem with the Ipod is that you do need an add-on to accept any memory card and the add on costs something like half as much as the Ipod did in the first place!

If you want to take music with you than the Archos is better value for money but don't forget that one MP3 file could take up as much room as several photo's so you have to ask yourself what's more important.

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