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1 problem 2 questions with marantz sr 7500 and speaker binding posts.

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by jazzman, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. jazzman

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    Nov 21, 2004
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    Hello guys its me again,

    I am almost finished with the setup my speakers flew in from dubai last night but i still have a couple of question and a problem to be solved first lets get on with the problem the binding Posts on my wharfedales are very thick no all cables are terminated with spades for the speakers and bananas for the amp and the spades for the front speakers are pretty big they i believe they are the ones called universal becouse they fit but half way if the binding posts were smaller i assumed they would have to go all the way in. (thats what the guy who sold them in dubai told me)

    Whereas for the rears he put smaller spades and they do not fit in at all i told him and he asked for my adress and told me that he would immediatly send in new larger spades.

    Is it a smart thing to go and change the spades by my self since the cables were professionaly terminated with heat shrink soldering and etc.. (they look smart)

    İ have read something about putting in one side of the spades in the hole where the barewire would go would that limit the performance or is there another choice ?

    I would also really llike to know if somebody could tell me how to bi-amp from the marantz sr 7500 if i am correct i should use the surround back speaker terminals the switch to the multiroom on the back and set the a+b speakers on the amp is that it ?

    last thing is the biwire of the center now i know that red is supposed to go to reds and blacks as well i mean on the center speakers but is there a must combination or can i plug it in the way i want to ?

    thanks again and all the best

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