1 in 2 out to 2 in 1 out - Splitter to Switch - Doable ?


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Hi guys

I've recently bought a new projector which is 3D capable, alas my Amp (Onkyo TX-NR906) is not.

What I'm hoping to do is from the back of my ps3 go to a 1 in 2 out splitter.
Send one of the outputs from 2 out to the amp, and one to a 2 in 1 out cable which leads to the projector.

The other input to the 2 in 1 out will come from the back of the amp.

So, this will allow me to effectively route the signal around the amp so I can send my 3D to the projector without the amp getting in the way.

PS3 --------- AMP
         |     |

Would this work or can you not go from a splitter to a switch ?

Joe Fernand

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Not a simple one to resolve.

The 2D EDID from the AVR is going to be a problem - as is the EDID from the Projector in terms of audio settings on the PS3!!!!

If replacing the PS3 with a 'dual' HDMI Output BD player (such as an Oppo) is not an option you need to look at a Splitter/Switch with EDID Management that will allow you to 'force' the Source into 3D (plus whatever audio you require) mode.


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