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ok m8s heres the problem , i have a ps2 connected to my ptae100 projector via a dr jon rgb to componnent box now all my playstation games play fine throgh it all but this TANK ELITE
now heres what happens, the game starts i set up options picture and sound ok.
now when it comes to start game the screen just goes blank but sound is ok, have checked connections all fine all other games ok , yes its a pal game i got it from gamestation .
now then when i put the rgb scart from ps2 into telly everything works ok mmmmmmmmm
any ideas
frankie13 :suicide:


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im only a simple man but have you read the games instructions for a message that says it is not compatible with projectors/100Hz tv's

thats all i can think off


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I had a similar thing with my X-Box setup.

I have that set up via a Hi Def component pack with my modded box set tp NTSC. Virtually all games work fine like this apart from Men of Valor which has a messed up picture until I turn the machine back to PAL. Maybe that's some sort of software protection though or if it's down to the image not being 'convertable' to NTSC. Maybe some PS2 games won't run on component (even if via an RGB Converter, although that does sound odd)

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