1 box working, the other no satellite


Installed a Quad LNB yesturday, plugged the old wire back in, turned the old box on...sky works perfect.

Put the new/second wire through the house today, put it in the box, it just says satellite is not being received.

Sky just say I have to call out an engineer (which if I could afford I would of done in the 1st place lol).

Any ideas? 1 sky box is working perfect, the 2nd 1 just says satellite not being received, if I take the working box upstairs...it just gives the same message, so it's not the sky box, it's the wire/dish.

Really appreciate any help as i'm stumped.

Well I took the risk and cut the cable...and it works wooo.

Basically when I was feeding it through the wall, at 1st it was bunching up inside, so the cable was all bend for about 1.5m....i thought hmm, do i really want to cut that much cable, but I wanted to be sure, so I took me cutters and cut of a big 1.5 chunk of wire, and now it works fine!

Thanks for your help Andy.

Wish I hadn't phoned sky now lol.

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