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1 Amp, 4 speakers, different ohms etc


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Hi Ppl,

I'm new to the forum and fairly new to 'DJing' and got a question re amp,speakers,impedance etc

I know there are threads on here discussing all this but my situation is quite specific, just looking for some advice. Here's my situation:

Amp - Warrior DA300 150w per channel @ 4ohm
2 Intimidation 150w RMS speakers @ 8ohm
2 technics 90w RMS @ 6ohm

I want to wire all 4 speakers to the amp but been reading about impedance matching etc and wondering the best way to do this. On the back of the amp are 2 outs for each channel (one jack, one screw)

I have thought of 3 set ups:

1 : Channel 1 = Intimidation connected via Jack & 2 technics wired series via screw
Channel 2 = Intimidation connected via Jack

2: Channel 1 = Intimidation connected direct via screw & 2 technics wired series also through Jack
Channel = Intimidation via Jack

3: Channel 1 = 2 x Intimidation wired parallel via screw
Channel 2 = 2 x Technics wired via series (in parallel impedence would be too low and also good as 'W' would be less so can handle the power)

Think one thing i have to consider is that if one speaker is in Jack and one in screw on the same channel would be be wired as parallel or series?!

Another thing is in scenario '1' the overall impedance would be about 5 - does it matter that its an odd number?

Sorry about the massive post and sorry that the whole impedance stuff has already been covered, hope i don't p**s off too many ppl.

Appreciate any advice.



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