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02 XDA with tomtom navigator II

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by dts_boy, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. dts_boy


    Nov 26, 2001
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    Manchester suburbs...
    I have an XDA which as a phone i hate, but am looking to buy TomTom for it quite soon. What i want to know is has anyone out there tried/got this and what is there personal views on it - good and bad!
    I have seen the TomTom kit for £249.95 on multigps.com, is it availible cheaper anywhere?
    also, do you have to pay any subscriptions to keep it up to date or is it good to go out of the box, i have a 256mb sd card which i guess is enough space for it?

    Someone help me convince myself, i am almost there but need that final push:smashin:
  2. markwhiteside99


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    Yes, I have an XDA (which I have now stopped using as a phone) and have Tom Tom Nav II installed. I have a 256 SD Card.

    First of all the software is great, with some minor accuracy problems, but nothing to worry about. It is easy to use, is not too intrusive, and is quick to caluclate/recalculate.

    It took some time to get the thing working though. There is a checkbox that needs to be unticked ont he XDA that allows the COM1 port to be used by the GPS receiver. This is not in any literature and it took me days and days towork out.

    I was using my XDA as a phone/MP3 player. However, I found that the more I put on it, the more flaky ALL applications became. I now only use the XDA for the TomTom software and its great.

    TomTom have upgrade to about 2.26 now, and these upgrades are free to download from their website www.tomtom.nl. Very easy and reliable. I have not had any freeze ups after upgrading.

    I got mine for about £229 from Routeplanners. Very efficient, turned up when they said it would!

    In short, if you need GPS this is a great bit of kit. Experience tells me though that if you overload the XDA it complains. I think this is down to the XDA though, rather than TomTom.

    Good luck,


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