02 unlimited text messages PAYG. confused


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hi there,
does the 02 simplicity tariff where you get unlimited texts for £5, require a £10 top up no matter what each month for it to work?.

i thought as there is still £5 left on it for next time, that will be ok for next month, and then i would just top up again to make sure i had like £5 to cover it.

i was told in an o2 store that even though i topped up with £10, and it took £5 already for the unlimited texts, next month that £5 left would not be enough, so £10 needs to be added.:suicide:

i thought this was simplicity ! lol
is it?



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I think what the salesman was saying is that, unless you only send texts you will eat into the remaining £5 so you will need to top-up to make sure you have at least £5 credit on your next anniversary date.
If you do manage to only send texts then your £10 top-up will last two months.
But that will mean no calls at all (even voicemail), no non-standard texts, no web use etc


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thanks, got this from o2 so seems all ok now....

Thanks for emailing us to check if you'll need to Top-Up £10 each month
for the Simplicity Text tariff.

You don't need to Top-Up with £10 each month if you've £5 for the
Simplicity Text tariff on your anniversary date. You can check your
balance allowance and anniversary date by calling 4444 free from your
mobile phone and selecting the option 2 twice.

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