0% overscan confusion on my 42PW7


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I decided tonight to get rid of all overscan on my Panasonic PW7 via its component input.

I connected up my Denon DVD player (3930), loaded up my copy of AVIA, went straight to the 'overscan' test, and set up the PW7 so that the picture filled the screen perfectly with 0% overscan.
Because the screen has a memory for both PAL and NTSC material, and for interlaced and progressive sources, I had to do this 4 times.

My main reason for going to all this trouble was to display NTSC material (480 lines) without scaling (the 42PW7 is of course a 480 line SD dispay)..... and obviously see my films without the edges chopped off.

But, I just loaded up my NTSC Superbit copy of the Fifth Element, and whilst I can see more of the film and the picture looks a bit cleaner, it is slightly 'underscanned'. i.e. there is a small black border between the left and right edges of the picture and the screen border.

Are some films stored on DVD without filling the entire width of a 0% overscanned screen, or have I done something wrong?
The test pattern in AVIA definately fills the screen, so what's going on?


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The other thing is, the factory default settings on the Plasma do not overscan by equal Horizontal / Vertical amounts.

It looks to me like my 0% overscan settings have made the picture slightly too tall and thin, and this would concur with the factory H/V overscan settings being unequal.

Am I therefore right to conclude that the Plasma screen is not built to a true 16:9 ratio ?

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