0.5 Mbps to play ps3 online??


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as above..

as the story goes i am moving to a new address that is far from the Exchange. On the BT site and the maximum download speed is 0.5 Mbps :(

I cant see how i will be able to play my ps3 online at that speed, so came across this site and was thinking it be worth a post to see if anyone has any ideas??

was thinking mobile broadband tho again i dont think this will work with the ps3 :rolleyes:

i use 2Mb Virgin at the minute but of course the area that i am moving to does not have this...

:lease: any help be great folks

thanks in advance


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0.5 Mbps is perfectly adequate for online gaming. Most online games don't use a great deal of bandwidth, it's latency that matters not bandwidth.

However, when it comes to downloading content, then bandwidth is a consideration.


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As stated by earlybath - 512kbps is fine for gaming. Just make sure you use a provider that can give you low latency.


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Id say its hard to tell until you try it out, since u will b far from the Exchange it may be really slow


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I never had any problems with online games with my 512/256 connection, even 64 player battlefield games. Mind you, that is a proper dedicated server, you may have trouble with 16 player peer to peer games but it's generally the upload rather than the download speed that causes trouble.

Downloading wasn't really a problem either, I've found my current 5mbps connection to be a luxury, rather than the essential that dial-up to 512kbps was.

EDIT: I would be wary of mobile broadband, I've no idea what the ping is like on that.


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thanks for the advise guys, sounds like i wont have to give up my online gaming after all... :rotfl:

how can i find out which provider gives me the lowest latency??


They gave me a few years of great service then suddenly a massive drop so I got out of it, seems it's got worse since then too, it's a shame really the smaller good companies always seem to get ate up by the larger ones then end up getting ruined.


Just a matter of finding out what people get, there's no real official ratings, some offer great speeds but terrible latency to certain servers etc...

It's a debate where there's no definitive answer, as different people get different variations.

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