“Unserviceable wheel” - what next?

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I took my car into the garage today as the front two tyres were gradually losing air and I was finding I needed to top it up every week.

the garage has reseated the wheels but have said on the invoice that the wheels are unserviceable. What does this mean? Is it dangerous? Should I think about replacing them or the car?

the car is getting on, it’s a 2011 Mondeo butup until now has been reliable. The alloys have some damage from over the years but unsure what to do now. Any comments would be appreciated.


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I think that you will have to ask the garage exactly what they mean, but my guess is that the damage to the wheels is what is causing the air to gradually leak out, and therefore need replacing (or fixing, if this is possible - doesn't sound like the garage can do this).


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It's possible the lacquer on the inside of the rim has failed,resulting in the alloy pitting thus compromising the seal(so to speak) between the tyre and rim..had it happen to me..


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I've had the same slow leak with alloys on more than one car. In my case all the tyre place did was clean up the rim and reseat. In two cases they wouldn't even take any money for doing it!
If the rims are really broken then swapping them would be preferable to selling the car!


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You've a few choices depending on the condition of the wheels. You may be able to have them refurbed, if that is not possible, i imagine you can locate a new pair on ebay for not much money.

Mystery Man

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Thanks everyone. I spoke to the garage and he has said three of the wheels are buckled. They have resealed the tyres as best as they can to help.

I am now keeping an eye out for some cheap alloys to replace on the car.

I am wondering how safe the car is to drive however. I have had this problem for a while now and (touch wood) no issues other than having to fill the tyres up regularly.

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