£900 credit note for Currys and Plasma help??



Hey all, Iver managed to get currys to give me creadit for my blown up Lg Lcd thanks to one of there engineers!! lol

Now I was just going to get the same tv but I thought Id have a look at some Plasmas while I was there! Now bearing in mind I want to add as little as possible to the credit due to it been xmas I noticed a Samsung PS42C7HDX and the Lg 42PC1DA that was well within my budget, what do we think?

The Tv is mainly used for Sd viewing, Xbox 360 and the odd Pc connection now and then!

There is also the Panny PX60B is it really worth the extra money?

Your opinions please!

Now just a few question on plasmas in general as Ive only ever had and Lcd tv!

Now I know about image burn etc, for the first 200 hours how would this be with watching the likes of discovery, e4 etc where they have a logo on the top of the screen?

Would I have to turn the tv off every 30 mins to prevent this?

Im only sitting about 7 feet away from the Tv is 42" too big for this?

On the Lcd's motion blur and blockiness really got on my nerves, how are these on Plasmas?

And finally shoud I just stick with my 32" Lcd?

Cheers in advance!!!!!!

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