£9.99 HDMI switcher vs AV amp


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I bought a new 3 into 1 HDMI switcher off ebay for £9.99 (plus £10 p&p thieving :censored: :D).

I have 15m DVI to DVI lead plugged into it from my projector, via a DVI to HDMI adapter I bought for a fiver.

I have the Oppo plugged into it via the freebie DVI to HDMI lead provided with the player.

And my EP30 plugged in via the freebie HDMI to HDMI lead that came with it.

There's even room for a BR player when one comes out I like. :)

Now I reckoned shoving HD (or upscaled SD even) over a 15m cable with an adapter via a £9.99 switcher bought off ebay using freebie leads would be a disaster. I reckoned it would be the ammunition I needed to blow £400 on an Onkyo 606. But amazingly, it all works flawlessly. Several A/B tests with/without the switcher show no difference.

So, sound aside, can anyone convince me the HDMI switching on an AV amp will be an improvement?


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HDMI switching on the amp will yield no improvement, it's purely a convenience feature in that you have one less switch to operate.

However, 15m really is pushing it without a repeater, so consider yourself lucky.


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You may be right.

I was dubious when I first got the DVI lead, and that was when I was directly connecting the Oppo to the PJ.

Add an adapter, a switcher, and HD to the mix and I was definitely expecting some sort of issue.

I'm downscaling the EP30 to 720P which is the native res of the projector, and upscaling the Oppo to 720P likewise. I suspect if I try a 1080P signal that may tip it over, I'll try it.

AV amp-wise it would be nice to have true HD sound but at the moment I think I'll save my pennies and invest in a BR player at some point.

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