£850 MAXIMUM 40-47" TV - LG42LM670T or ???

Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by Glenn Wood, Sep 10, 2012.

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    My current 40" Samsung is nearing it's end. It got dead pixels, which are spreading - to a level which is irritating now, and will surely get worse.

    We can tolerate this for a bit longer, so can probably wait if better deals are likely to come up, but it is hard to know what our exact time frame is.

    Whilst looking around I am drawn to the LG42LM670T - it seems to be available at John Lewis or Costco, with their 5 year guarantees for £840 or £850, and a Google search shows it below £720 in some shops - but I doubt that includes a 5 year guarantee - and whether they're trustworthy is another matter.

    So, basically, my "needs" are based on this set.

    Budget - £850

    I also have to add in wall mounting, so appreciate any saving that can be made.

    Size - Up to 47" - not the biggest of living rooms - so no need to go very big - but have a 40" just now and can understand going a bit bigger.

    Screen Type - No Preference - LED, Plasma - whatever.

    Gaming - Occasional Only - I own a PS3 but it's level of usage is low. It more serves as a media player than anything else nowadays.

    3D? - Nice option to have, but not a deal breaker. Not a definite but I figure if I don't get now it will be another 5 years plus. I favour the passive option of the likes of LG, because of the cheaper glasses. I have 2 young kids, so wouldn't expect the more expensive glasses of Active sets to survive.

    I have Sky HD, and would get their 3D channel also if I had a set capable.

    Have I forgot to mention anything? Probably.

    If anyone can advise on this set, or any others that may meet my needs, I appreciate any guidance. (Along with reliable places to buy, and wher to get best deals, etc.)

    Thank you.
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    Samsung E550 plasma, Panasonic UT50 or ST50 would be the sets Id look at.

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