£800 to spend on amp and spks inc sub?



I have a budget of appx £800. Best kit advice for amp and spks - pref with sub for £800.00.

large room, open plan, with wooden floor. TV tosh 42wh18b linked to tosh 210 with component video etc situated in corner of room which is semi - separated with chimney breast through middle of room, creating a living area appx 3m wide by 4m long.

had thoughts on the yamaha 630 but the speakers not so sure.

Please help me as am relative newbie with limited budget!!!!!!

system will seldom be ran at full volume due to 2 and 5yr old daughters sleeping downstairs!!!
have a look at the acoustic energy aego 5p system. its 5 SMALL satellites with the amplification built into the sub. you also get a decoder box with digital inputs and analogue ones too. it sounds really good and is tiny! not heard much else at the £800 point, hope that helps
Yamaha 630 or similar Sony, Denon or Marantz. Speakers: Mission FS2. Buy 'em cheaper online.

WHy do you like the Mission FS2 so much.

They have bad reviews whereever I look

Plus they look ugly. Haven't yet heard them though.
Mission FS2 AV are pleasantly cheap, but the crossover frequency between sub and sats is really a bit on the high side.

I've read several very complimentary reviews of the AE Aego P5.
mmm.......whys nothing ever straightforward???

If nobody tells the "wife" would an extra £200 ie total spend £1000 make the choice/suggestions any easier!!!!!!
Given that you should be able to find a Marantz 4200 for £200 these days (try Richer Sounds) a budget if £800 should be fine.

£600ish can get you a pretty decent speaker set up and if you don't want to disturb your kids perhaps a sub isn't needed which means better quality speakers for your cash.

B&W new 300 range, 309 floor standers, 303 rears and LCR3 centre = £650

Older Mission 77 range if you can find them

Acoustic Energy Evo series

Tannoy MX range, (for £600 you could include a sub)

You might also find the popular Kef 'Eggs' for not much over £600

Do you want to go the sub/sat way or the full range speaker route?

Personally I listen to a lot of music so prefer full range speakers
thanks for the info BUT.....

maybe i am being awkward or just plain stupid! but i would still like the novelty of subwoofer. Also problem is i have the tosh 42wh18b which has appx 4in depth on top to take centre speaker. The back of rptv sits about 4in from the wall so if i use satelites spks will they not look stupid on stands at front? Finally if i go for normal/floor/stand speakers will the centre speaker be overpowering/too big to sit on top of tv?

Really finally, i am a lzy git and cant be bothered with hassle of sourcing a bit here and a bit there, especially when living in n.ireland.

Where/what is the package or am i simply asking the impossible?


PS i think the amp for me might be the yam 630 - is rds worth the extra???
If you dont need a tuner or want one for that matter, forget the rds version and save some money. They are identicle otherwise.

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