£80 phone earbuds, to replace klipch image s4a2's

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by aljowen, Sep 2, 2013.

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    After 6 months with an amazing pair of klipsch image s4a2's i have finally had to send them back, they were falling apart and the connectors looked like they were about to give up. Thankfully i got a full refund from klipsch.

    So now i have a choice, buy another pair or get something else?

    They will be mainly used for listening to music, but i also make music and will want to use them along side my speakers to mix with. So a balanced set of headphones would be nice. They need to be capable of plying deep and full bass sounds while maintaining clarity at the high end. The klipsch headphones did this great but the build quality was a little shoddy.

    I also want them to have a mic and button so i can change song easily without turning the screen of my android phone on. Note it needs to be compatible with android, i have a galaxy s2 and seems to be compatible with almost everything.

    My budget is £80 ($125) but i am sure you guys/gals will stretch that which is fine if its only by about £10($15)

    Thank you for any advice

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