£75 DS Lite.


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You can get mario at any games retailer, if you add that on it comes to £100 then add customs tax on and its the same priceish as the £109 deal with a console and game which most retailers are offering.


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First issue is that the currency conversion provided by dvdstars is very optimistic - xe.com makes the $169.99CAD to be £80.71, which is far more realistic (and closer to what your CC comapany will charge).

It will work fine but you would need a power convertor - sat £5 or £10.

You could get clobbered wiyj customs.

If it goes wrong you need to send it back to Canada. How many weeks turn around is that...

There is no real saving compared to buying in the UK and potentially far more hassle should anything go wrong.

There is a big long thread about this company somewhere....I'll dig it out...

The Jayler

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Thanks guys. Although it has the possibility of being a little cheaper, it's worth the hassle.
Thanks for the links. Think i'll pass this tims and buy from the uk, prob Game.


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I found Games packages to be pretty poor TBH, HMV had some decent ones but ended up getting mine from Virgin and bartered £10 off New Mario :thumbsup:

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