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£700? What can you get I wonder?


The Duke

I have a need.
A need for a system (inc 2x speekers) that'll play cd and also pipe through the NTL set top box (films, tv and radio), so no doubt this has been covered many times before, but I thought I'd ask here and see what the thread throws up.
Appreciate your comments - thanks in advance even if it's a referal to a previous thread.



Have a look at the yamaha YSP-1,never used mine for music but is excellent with tv and dvds.Do a search on the forum,take it you don't have an amp?

Sorry m8,got a bit confused thought you was after speaker system only.


Sony or Denon system...check this section of the forum (Sony DAV_DZ500 or 700 or Denon 500 or 550) that'll get you a complete 5.1 surround system....with cash left over.....
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