£700 to spend on s/h projector!!!



Does anyone know where the best place to get s/h projector is or is anyone here selling. I know smurfin got a good deal for £600 on his projector from the forums. I've decided to sell all of my existing kit and put the bulk of the money towards a projector and build the rest up as stuff comes up at the forums. Any suggestions.....:rolleyes:


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alternatively....does anyone know when the PTAE-200 & 300 are coming out in the UK?

Jason, as soon as they do, bargain S/H PTAE-100's will start cropping up in the classifieds. Just depends if you can wait....


I have a PTAE for sale at around £900 im willing to take a trade in on it. its in the classifieds of the dvd forums if you know it.


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Any colour problems or dead pixels?

Even if it's perfect £900 sounds alot for a 2nd projector which new can be bought for £1200.

Jason, my advice would be to wait a bit....PTAE-100s will be going for £600-£700 in a few months (imho).


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Originally posted by Smurfin
PTAE-100s will be going for £600-£700 in a few months (imho).

Hmm just in time for Xmas, anybody want to sell me their PTAE for £600 ? ;)


IMHO the 2nd hand price of an AE100 will depend upon the price of the AE200/300. If they bottom around the £1500 mark, I'd doubt you'd see an AE100 going for £600 for some time yet - maybe another year or so. If I was looking to upgrade to a better machine, the HS10 would be on my list, and at around £2000 I'd definitely keep my AE100 - not worth selling for £600!

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