£700 to spend on gaming/photo/video editing PC


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Ive got £700 too spend on a gaming/photo/video/audio editing machine. I have started puting togother a list and is as follows.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4GHz 1066MHz) Socket 775 £143.19
EVGA 8800GTS SuperClocked 320MB DDR3 DVI PCI-E Graphics Card £167.91
Samsung SH-S183 SATA 18x DVD±RW/RAM Black - Bare Drive OEM £14.99
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium x64Bit OEM 1PK DVD £55.81
Coolermaster Black Centurion 534 - No PSU £32.98


So is this a good start?? Whats the best mobo i can afford etc



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You could squeeze an Asus board into the budget, expensive but worth it, or the gigabyte equivalent, you need two HDDs if editing imho, both 500s if you can stretch to the 120 quid, dunno why you have gone for the samsung drive, you need a decent psu for that g card, what resolution are you running, I assume the card is sufficient for it? Once you've added some ram that's it!


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Yeah its a bit of an incomplete list at the moment, Im gonna start again so any suggestions of a good complete setup.


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Seem to be plenty of other people on here doing very similar things, take a look around as most of the advice that's already been given to them is pretty sound.


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Just a note, is that £700 including or exclusing VAT? The prices you quoted for the components seem to be the prices excl VAT.


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Hi im Back:D Budget has gone up a tad :)

I think ive found the right spec/components. What do you think=

-Asus P5k/deluxe mobo-£146.
-OCZ SealthxStream 600w-£55.
-Core2duo E4300-£76 (gonna overclock this :devil:).
-Geil 2gb ddr2 6400-£59.
-BFG 8800gts 0c2 320mb-£198.
-Samsung HD501LJ 500GB-£60.
-Samsung DVD/RW-£18.
-Vista Home prem64bit-£66.

-Samsung SM206bw 20" LCD-£177.


£45 left for the case :confused: I want one with a window but no door and not too tacky :D


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good system, good descision to not go for quad core, you don't need it for now, will be v cheap in a year...

window cases (1st 2 are a bit over £45, all bar 1 have doors) this is just off ebuyer some have PSU but consider it a spare. I chose the cases that i personally though may be ok that i wouldn't mind:



http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/126238 [review: " my mate has one it looks like transformer Optimus Prime" so it only got 3 stars lmao]



hope that's useful!! i reccomend using ebuyer for as much as u can over £50 to get yourself free shipping

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