£700 budget for used projector, cannot be DLP, options?


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I've not kept up with the latest offerings. I suffer badly from the rainbow effect, so DLP is not an option.

I'm upgrading from a trusty AX200 that has seen over 3,000 hours of faithful service. My main concern are black levels, which is where the Panny is rather poor.


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A current LCD would be better for blacks than the AX200 so look for a used Epson up their range a bit or better still a used Sony HW15 or JVC HD1 or 100.

You would need to up the budget to £900-£1000 to get a fairly new (1-2yr old) JVC HD350 which would really be your best option.One went today 1 yr old with around 300hrs for £950 which was a bargain.


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Cheers. I've compared prices on eBay and avforums for completed sales. All of the Sony models I can find seem to be above my price range. Are there any others I've missed worth considering?

Epson TW3200 / 3600 - £600-£650 used / £850 new
JVC HD1 / 100 - £700 used
JVC HD350 - £1000 used
Panasonic AE3000 £700 used
Panasonic AE4000 £1100 used

Which of those would be best in a room with grey/brownish walls and a white ceiling? Projected image size around 80"-92". Is the HD350 really worth upping my budget, painful as that would be?


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The blacks on the Epson 3200/3600 will be only average although better than the AX200.

All the JVC will be the best even in your room.

The pannys whilst better than your AX200 will be miles behind the JVC.

If blacks are your main objective get a JVC.

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