£600 to spend on all in one sytem



At present, I have a cheap dvd player connected to Logitech Z-680 speakers which were originally purchased for my PC. I will be connecting them to the PC once i have received my new soundcard.

Now i need to find a system for the living room. I have found the Teac LEGACY 800 at richer sounds for £599.99 (i like the look of the system), which is £700 cheaper than the original price.

Is this a good deal or are there better systems out there for the same price ?

Thanks for your help.


From reading the posts in the forum i had a funny feeling thats the answer I was mostly going to get.

The problem is the wood finish will look a bit out of place with the rest of the furniture in the living room (and the girlfriend will not like that). HELP :rolleyes:


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Denon 550 + can of spray paint?

The wood is not very noticable once the speakers are in place (except the sub maybe, but that is tucked away out of site for me). It is only on the top/bottom of the sats...with my set up at least it is hardly visable


nice one :)

i have just shown a picture of the system to her. Hmmmm ! she said. Thats a good sign. I think.

i will start looking for prices. Do you recommend any particluar stores.



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Peter Tyson gets my vote...maybe not the absolute cheapest (although close) but customer service is excellent.

It was my Mrs. seeing the 500 in the flesh that got my budget increased by £200 :D
Got mine from Superfi for 550 quid multiregioned. Think they have upped teh price to 580 now though. That's their internet price but rang round the stores and found one who would sell it me for that. Daft that some said they can't price match their own website.

Extra speaker for 6.1 is 50 quid so for £600 I got a 6.1 system.

I too wa slooking at the Teac Legacy 800 as it does seem a good buy. That seemed to take the mantle away from the Denon F100 and has a funky LCD remote. That was my last insight into one box solutions and it does seem that they have advanced somewhat.

Features of the 550 inc 6.1 capability make it an easy choice over the Teac.

Still awaiting my 6th speaker before I connect up as got too many films to watch that want to get them in 6 speaker glory. Supposed to be arriving this week.

Digital Direct also seem quite reasonably priced and are the cheapest place I have found for the stands you may need (Denon SS30)

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If you don't like the wood effect speakers on the Denon, why don't you take a look at the Marantz "Hollywood in a box" system?
Came out better than both the Denon 550 and Teac systems in recent tests and the speaker system is not only superior to the Denon but has the more "traditional" methods of bracket/stand fixing so should open up more avenues for the purchase of the necessary's!!
I had Marantz seperates before purchasing my current all in one, and would have purchased the Hollywood system had my finances stretched to it at the time.
I ended up going for the Denon 500 and am very, very happy with it.
But there is life out there other than Denon!!


Thanks for the info. I had seen and read about the Marantz "Hollywood in a box" system but was put off by the price.

However, i have just noticed it on empire direct for £630. So i will have to read some more before deciding which one to go for.

Thank you all for the help.

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