£600 - £750 Budget | What (Samsung) TV would be recommended?


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Looking for a 46" TV, with SMART features and 3D.

Ideally a Samsung (got a lot of love for them) but am open to other suggestions/persuasions.

My setup will be:
Sky+ HD
Either Pioneer VSX923 or Denon AVRX2000

I watch a lot of netflix and blu-rays and will be playing PS4.


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Hi I'm in a similar position to you with a similar budget, I have also posted here looking for advice and the good folk of the forums have been very helpful and friendly, my own research and findings have been backed by somebody on here and that was on the Samsung UE46F6740 which I have seen online for £729.

I don't know if the price will come down soon as it's a 2013 (F) model and the 2014 range has now been launched (H) but from what I've read and had confirmed on here, £729 is probably a decent enough price.

It's a good looking set too IMO so perhaps search for reviews and see what you think.

I'd be using my TV for the same stuff as you, so I shall keep an eye on this thread as well as the one I started!

Good luck


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I had my eye on the UE46F6500, older panel but seems a rock solid all rounder.

Interestingly on currys.co.uk I just saw a proscan 4K ultra hd for £700 :/


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Haha tell me you're not considering that! I've gone from having a budget of £600 at the outset, but you read some reviews and do some research, speak to some people, look at some sets then decide to wait a bit longer and save a bit more, then looking at £800 sets, speak to a few people and do some more research, look at a few more sets, to now thinking I may as well wait a bit longer and get another £300 and get the F8000! That's what I'm going to do I've decided, I'll just tell the Mrs it was £650!! Naughty I know...


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no, not considering it with any seriousness, more intrigued!

The F8000 is a really nice tv, I can't stretch my budget to go that far as I am looking to get an amp and ps4 too.

I was dead set on that UE46F6500, its got really good reviews, then you read forum posts from owners and your mind gets swayed a little, then you look at something else and budget always goes up, and you read some user reviews and its the same thing...

I may just cut the headache, stick with the UE46F6500 from John Lewis and hope it doesn't drop in price dramatically as its £700 on there at the moment.


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You can do retrospective price match with jl for 28 days after purchase. And of course before against bricks and mortar stores

There is no perfect TV. Get the best for your budget and enjoy. Do not read about possible flaws and then look for them!!


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I may just cut the headache, stick with the UE46F6500 from John Lewis and hope it doesn't drop in price dramatically as its £700 on there at the moment.

I can't remember where I saw it now but all I did was the standard 'best price UE46F6740' google search and found it that way, and i know you won't get the JL 5 year warranty but the F6740 for £29 more than the F6500 has got to be worth it, 600HZ and Micro dimming for an extra £29.

I'm not helping you be decisive here am I..... ;-)



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First a disclaimer - I'm no expert. I last bought a TV 11 years ago (early plasma) and the one before that must have been 25 years back. But I've been in the market for a new TV of similar size over the last couple of weeks and I also favoured Samsung - partly for its Plex app. And of course (as an AVFer) I did a lot of research & checking out.

Yesterday I bought a UE46F6320 for £600 with a 5 year warranty from Richer Sounds. Very pleased indeed. If the story ended there I'd be happy and I'd definitely recommend that model.
However, I'd looked at the 48inch UE48H6400 along the way and dismissed it as too expensive - £899+ in most places. Today the price of the 48incher dropped to £699 and the guys at Richer Sounds earned brownie points from me in agreeing to swap it for F6320 despite the latter being opened and (briefly) used. I should say I've no link with that company - just pleased with their service and attitude. Thanks to a narrower bezel, the UE48H6400 is only a few mm bigger than the 46inch

Very nice indeed and in my view worth the extra £100

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