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Question £500ish UHD TV for parents


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I'm looking for a new TV for my parent's living room, the budget is around the £500 mark which I believe should be enough to get a low-end UHD display (or maybe a middle-range HD display, advise would be appreciated).

I've been looking at this LG TV, but found out that webOS doesn't support playback of files above 1080p from a USB or over the network. It's far too hard to play 4k content on 4k TVs at the moment hence me asking for help on here.

They don't mind if it's a 'Smart TV' or not as they have a Roku 3, 40 - 43 inch would be best for them (even though 4k is probably pointless at that size), they also don't mind what brand it is or where it's bought from providing is a decent TV.

Future purchases may include a Sound Bar and/or Blu-Ray player, so the ability to interface with such products would be an added bonus!

I thank you for taking the time to read my post, any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Old Bones

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If its your parents, then keeping it simple seems to be a good idea! Is 40-43 the right size? 2.5-3x size of the screen away for a full HD is OK, so if they have a 32in, thats OK. But if they have a 37in, a 40in will probably be smaller overall than what they are used to.

Do they need 4K? If the dont, then get the Samsung H6400 - best value mid range out there, or perhaps the Sony W8 in a 43in. Both have 4 HDMI's, decent remotes, and decent panels in the mid range. Smartness comes as standard, so its not a worry, and both brands have decent soundbars, starting from around £99, with the the £250ish range probably best for them. Blu Rays just plug in, so they can have any brand they like.

If they want 4K, then the LG looks OK, although I think they should go to a store and see what it looks like in the flesh (in fact thats true whatever they get), and make sure the remote is OK, etc. LG do a cracking soundbar with a wified amp and 320w for £190, so the brand has a lot of value.

I'd do some measuring to get the size right, and then go from there about if they will use 4K content.


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Thank you for your great post,

I had already measured the size of their current TV including the bezel as it has quite thick ones, and it is just over 43 inches, the screen itself is 37 inches. I decided a 43 was the place to go as the TV would physically be the same size due to current models having bezels around 1cm.

The reason I looked at UHD displays was simply because they don't upgrade very often, the TV they currently have has been there for nearly 7 years. As I said in the original post though, it currently appears that TVs being branded as 4k can barely even play 4k content as the OSs don't support 4k and the fact that 4k Blu-Ray players aren't available just yet.

It's almost like a gamble, there's a chance 4k will never even be a thing and people will move past it to 5k or maybe even 8k.

I took a look at the Samsung 6 Series you suggested and it does look good! I'll try and drag them out to the shops sometime and see if we can find one to look at. Also there appears to be a 4k version of the 6 Series, I wonder if that is just as capable as it has a very similar price.

Old Bones

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A seven year old 37in is about 36.5in wide, which is about the same size as a 43in, as you say. 37in is a bit of pain to estimate a new size from, becuase there is no straight jump - 40-42in to 48-50in is relatively easy, but 37in to what? Some customers have gone for 43in, some have just bit the bullet and gone for 48in (46-47in is now extinct).

Sony do two good 43in TV, one full HD and one 4K. Both are fine, but there is a difference for over a £100 in price. The W805 (full HD) would come in budget. The Samsung 40H6400 is great value, but its actually slightly smaller than their 37in! The J6400 is the 4k< and although entry, is decent.

Hit the shops!

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