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May 28, 2009
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Hi all,

I have a Samsung UE55B7000 (55" LCD TV) coming along with a SONY STR DA2400ES 7.1 AV AMP. The room is heavily furnished with heavy curtains (behind the TV) and is about 40' by 20'. We sit in one half of it, facing 'sideways' - that is we sit in one 20' square, with the other 20' square open to our left. The sofa is backed against the wall and I'm not allowed to move it... Floorstanders at the front tend to be moved by people when they're in the way, or I can put my foot down...!

So, do I go for Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1? Do I add a pair of 1030i floorstanders to make it 7.1 or is it not worth it as the sofa is flat against the back wall? Or do I go for other speakers...? Budget is maybe £500-£700 (with a bit of saving).
Hi ThickyCat

I have to move my main speakers every Xmas when my girlfriend shove's a Big Xmas Tree in the corner of the livingroom. Apart from that the speakers are never moved (put your foot down lol) if you Calibrate your speakers (sound meter or adjust the range/sound fields with your new Sony Amp) tell your wife/partner that the speakers cant be moved, might help :D

I also have my sofa against the back wall & will be changing to 7.1ch shortly.
I have ceiling speakers for my surrounds & will be using these for my furthest surrounds when the rear speakers I want comes up for sale.
When my G.friend isnt about I will pull my Sofa forward slighty to get the best effect :smashin:

Sorry but ive never heard the Q Acoustics so hopefully someone else can comment but another set of floor standing speakers for 7.1ch would be :thumbsup:

Cheers, Jonny

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