£5000 to spend...Help!!!


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Hi Everyone,
I have £5000 to spend on the following....
1. 40-42" Plasma (possibly Pioneer 436xde or Hitachi 42pd7200)
2. Dvd Player (possibly Denon 3910)
3. Reciever (possibly Denon 2805)
4. Speaker 5.1 kit (possibly kef 5005)
I have a basic understanding of these products but would like opinions on my choices..pros and cons etc..or why YOU would choose an alternative...
Burn in on the plasma worries me...whats an AIVA disc??
If following the manufacturers guide...will this be avoided?
Sorry for so many questions...but i would like to make the correct purchases..
ps..Sorry if ive posted in the wrong section...!!


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I think generally a good choice..

You could add the Panny 42PV500 to the Plasma list, a truly excellent contender.. (I've just ordered a 436XDE myself, but was serious looking at the Panny) Other then that, the Pio in my eyes is slightly better then the Hitachi, but since my Brother has the 7200, I can safely say the difference is minimal, and you wouldn't be disappointed.

The others seem fine, the Denon 1920 DVD Player seems a good HDMI DVD player for £250..

I think the two things that would be essential to demo are the Plasma and the Speakers..
Comet should have all 3 plasma's with HD content.. make sure you try a regular 'rubbish' shop feed as well..

The speakers should be able to be demo'd in a reasonable HiFi should, Sevenoaks tend to hold the Kef's etc in for Demo..
Perhaps the B&W MT10/20 5.1 package may be worth a look, for the money it seems to be storming all the reviews..

AVIA is a DVD that allows you to setup your TV correctly.. it has variouus patterns and sequences to follow, setting up Brightness/Contrast/Colour etc.
The AVIA DVD is NTSC (American), so perhaps a DVE(Digital Video Essentials) which is made for PAL (UK) may be better.
Burn in is covered on these forums well, basic rules are to turn brightness/contrast down below 50% for 500 hours, this initial bedding in of the screen is like running your car in, once done, you can adjust the set as you want, with only the obvious rules of no logo's etc to follow..


At this kind of budget and with these other bit and bobs, what on earth are you even considering anything but a panel only model for? If you are not a sky subscriber get a topfield freeview box for TV, lots of reasons for that choice, it's a no brainer. If you already have sky+ you will end up with 4 tv tuners, picture in picture anyone??


MAW if you had the £5000 tell dell what setup you would go for and why :rolleyes: from the plasma speakers etc.....Only askin as it would be interesting to have an experienced view on what to do with £5000 BIG ONES :eek:


OK then, how about:-
PHD8, no extrs boards needed.
Anthony Gallo Micro TI x 7
MPS150 sub
Onkyo TXSR603
Onkyo DV503
Topfield TF5800
and give a thought to a Philips RU950 pronto to control it all with
Plus mounts, and of course cables. I'm sure you could get that within budget, maybe add an HDMI board now, for the PS3 when it comes.

LOL shared innovation there! My rears are gallo, fronts are in-wall, but only cos I can, not cos the gallos are not up to it.


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No scaler to go with phd8 MAW?


If you've got the dosh, but only if. More bang for buck elsewhere at this price range. Spend 1/2 your budget on the video side, we are told by that nice Mr Lucas. Personally I find the Force is with him, it works for me. Hence my berating folks who buy a XDE plasma and a poxy all in one for £400. Better to buy a PWD and a better surround system with only £3k. The case is a bit altered here, but that sound system will rock! Unless you live in an upstairs flat, when it might easily be considered antisocial.

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