£500 PC wanted


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In need of new PC

Its mostly going to be used for Internet use and as a Media Center (although not going to be in same room as my A/V gear)

There will be odd occasion when I will play games, but mostly play on my 360 (would like chance to at least may Stalker in all its glory though - dont think my budget will stretch to something that will play Crysis when its out)

Would like to stick with Windows Vista

Im impatient so would like a machine that boots and multi tasks quickly
Also like a machine thats fairly quiet

Any pointers (oh and please dont say self build, I dont have the time or the patience to do that anymore)


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I know you've asked about a PC

But if you could live without your games on the computer, and just use your console, have you considered a mac mini?

Boots up in 20 seconds, and shuts down in 7!
ROCK SOLID operating system, very quiet, and a very nice media centre called FRONT ROW.

I await the public stoning for my comments:oops:

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two words mac's suck! they are slow mac mini you joking you cant do anything with it man

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