£500 Budget for 28" TV - Advice needed.


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First thread in this forum as I'm starting to look into building an HTPC. It's gonna be for Playing DVDs, MP3s, Mame and TV (freeview) and the recording thereof. Using some kind of app/os to run everything from (sugestions for suitable programs welcomed)!

I need to buy a suitable television for my HTPC and I've stumbled accross the Panasonic TX28PS12C. £459.99 (inc postage) from www.prcdirect.co.uk

The other one that caught my eye is the Sony KV28FX68S. £520.00 (inc postage) from www.empiredirect.co.uk

My budget is £500 (so the PANA at £459 is preferrable) can anyone suggest a better 28" CRT TV for the money or would this one be a good choice (does it have the connections I'll need etc)?

As long as I don't get a blurred pic from the PC it's all good! Am I right in thinking 100Hz flicker rate would improve the picture?

Also if anyone recommend a cheaper, reputable online seller of TVs in the UK it would be much appreciated!

Thanks for any advice for this HTPC Newbie.



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If you are using a Radeon all in wonder card, try a DVI-component dongle, and this set,which will display 1920x1080i at full resonlution (one beast of a monitor :smoke: )


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