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Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by stuman, Apr 26, 2016.

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    so, i'm in a bit of a pickle, i need a new TV as at the moment we have none.

    i'm not too fussed on screen size, between 43-55 as we are sat around 8-10' away. I'd like HDR but i'm not too fussed for 4k (do they come hand in hand?).

    ideal world would have an OLED in the lounge, but the flexible friend is getting less flexible, just a touch out of budget.

    I liked the idea of the sony 50w805 and then hopefully in a couple of years OLED would have come down in price for a quicker upgrade. but with all the 2016 sets coming out, i don't want to jump the gun and then find something around the 1k mark that fits the bill perfectly.

    is there a set that is coming to market at around the 700-1000 mark that is HDR with good blacks between 43-55inch?

    they all seem to be around the 1300ish mark, and for that i'd get a 1080p OLED.

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