£500 - £700 to spend on a tv. Any recommendations?




I would like to buy a TV somewhere in the £600 region. Something with a really sharpe image and that looks well.

Im open to suggestions... :clap:

Is unbeatable.co.uk the cheapest place to get a new tv online?



If noone can recommend a model I am thinking about nipping into Comet & picking up the biggest screen I can affort within this price range. Hopefully a 32"..


Jonny :smashin:


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Empiredirect.co.uk have great prices, and were really good at getting the tv sent to me quickly. However their after-sales service was... shall we say less than good. (took eight months for me to get a replacement tv - by that time it had been discontinued so I got store credit, and I am about to have to go through the same thing again as my new Panasonic is developing a lot of problems)


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where abouts in NI are you?
week an eye on skybuy.sky.com in the clearance section some good bargains can appear.

Lots of companies dont deliver to NI for some unknown reason!

S+R electric on the Hollywood road in belfast can be good and its worth while playing the local companies off against each other.

Do a search on www.kelkoo.co.uk for prices.
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