£400 to spend!



Come january i will have £400 to spend on speakers. my set-up is a ps2 for my dvds (i have it multi-regioned) and i have a optical out for it so i can listen to my dvds in dts :cool:

my television is a panny tx28 summin or other which has progressive scan, dts, dolby decoder, plus 3 satellite speakers. apparently it also has a built in subby but has about as much power as one of my gerbils:rolleyes:

so i'll be looking probably for now at least at getting a front left / right and a subby.
anything decent, preferably panny for that lot at or around £400?


you could try Kef Cresta, they are a great speaker for both music and surround effect. Richer Sounds sells them. Ive got the Cresta 1's as fronts and the Cresta 2's as rears...

But im sure theres better

Dom H

If I were you I'd spend the £400 on speakers alone then save up for a sub afterwards.


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Try something like the B&W DM602 S3s for £300 or the Wharfedale Pacific Evos for £250 and see how you like the bass. I rather doubt your TV's speakers actually produce any real bass... and save up for a sub. On your budget a sub would be hard to get that had any performance. Then again, paying cash, maybe you could get something like a REL Quake and some Cresta 1s? You'd have to waive some crisp paper notes and haggle a fair bit though...


ive decided to up my budget considerably!! hope the missus doesnt lynch me and i think im going to go for the KEF-CODA90B floorstanders and the PSW1000 Subwoofer which will come to £450 + but with a trade in on my old wharfdales and my seperates shouldnt be too bad. probably will upgrade to a dvd-rw with mp3 capabilities so looking at about a grand at least :(
but its all worth it ;)
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