£400 to spend on CPU Mobo combo.

g man rulz 2709

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Title pretty much explains all. Got £400 to spend on a new CPU and motherboard combo, would like suggestions. Pretty much set on intel as it stands but open to suggestions.


g man rulz 2709

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Should have put this in original post but this build will be specifically for gaming. Looking at benchmarks the i7 and the i5 seem to be pretty close since not many if any games at the moment are available for hyper-threading. Would it be worth getting the 15 and a better motherboard for overclocking the i5 and possibly saving some cash?

Thanks for the replies


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games are already starting to use more than 4 threads see Crysis 3 for example and that is only going to be the case more often as time goes on, so I would definitely take the i7 over the i5 if you are spending that sort of cash. And if you ever use the PC for anything other than gaming even streaming gameplay over the internet on twitch.tv for example the i7 would be much much better.
If you wanted to keep the budget under £250 then I would look at the i5


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It's worth looking on cpubenchmark.net to compare the benchmarks of different cpus - as everyone else has said, the 3770k is probably the best value for a high end cpu


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I guess you could go with the 3570k and spend the saved £100 on a AIO cooler such as the h100i, then OC the CPU

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