£400? to match B&W 685, 686 and denon 1909


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I'm currently running an old eltac sub with my new B&W boxes and thinking of selling it to my bro as part of the cinema 1 package I bought as a kid, link: DISCONTINUED ELAC CINEMA ONE ESP MK2 5.1 HOME CINEMA SPEAKER SYSTEM - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/2046 for details

This leaves me with a chance to upgrade but I don't really know where to start. How much would I have to spend to get a better sound over what I have now and is it important to match brands to the sub as much with front / rears?

Room is not huge, got a standard double bed on top floor and reasonable space around it (pics in sig). I like to run with the sub on for both music and movies, listen to everything from rinse out DnB to the eagles. I used to like massive bass, now I'm wondering if control and refinement is more important. If I want massive booming oppressive bass, I've got a 10" sub in my car which can shake my glasses off! Even I'm starting to think this is a little OTT these days...

Current sub specs:
Subwoofer: 37 - 280 Hz - with 40 - 180Hz adjustable roll-off filter

In the short term, can you suggest what settings I should be using on the amp / sub to get the best out of it before I try and arrange some sound tests?

things I've picked up on from my reading tonight:

B&W ASW610 SUBWOOFER - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/3606 for details


budget creep:

All thoughts / recommendations welcome.

Thanks, Matt.


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Just got off the phone with my local dealer and he suggests the 608 will be slightly lacking and I should be able to tell the difference with the 610. He also suggested the Monitor audio sub (forget the name) at £750 will be another step up too.

Don't think I can stretch that far but could be a useful demo to see which subs do what.

Has anyone done a side by side comparison with the 610 against some of the forum favourites?

Thanks, Matt.


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The 610 has problems with amps blowing so don't get one unless you know it's sorted. There's a thread on this page.

I've got a 608 and I think it's great. I've got a small room though.

The monolith is a more obvious choice though. Well liked and there's lots of owners here to provide support. Have a look at the svs ones too.

I thought the MA ones seemed over priced when I was looking.

Have a look at Velodyne too. They do a small 1000w one with the ability to set itself up. Definitely on my list of possible upgrades.

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