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£3k budget for new tv and sound system


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Looking for recommendations for a new tv and sound system. Currently have a samsung 55inch 4k tv (UE55JU6400K) which is about 5 year old and cost £700 but looking to go bigger. Would be expecting to see serious improvements over old tv? Wife really wants 75+ in size. Tv will be used for sky Q UHD and usual netflix, prime, disney+ in 4k HDR etc etc. No gaming will be done on this tv. Room is really bright during the day and suffer from glare on screen so we usually close blinds so makes no difference to us we can watch in light/dark room. We can sit anywhere from 2-4m from screen. Looking for tv to be future proof for as long as possible as hoping tv will last us a long time. Good 5 year warranty would be beneficial.

Any other factors that may help just ask

Any help is greatly appreciated.



For a good amount of future proofing you should consider TVs now lower than the 75/85" Sony XH9505 or with Samsung, the Q80T or above.

The XH9505 is closest to the Q90T/Q95T in spec. Most people would agree it does motion better, but it also isn't quite as good at fighting glare.

With Samsung the Q80T is the baseline model, narrow viewing angles, poor handling of glare, basic local dimming.
The Q85T adds to the Q80T with better viewing angles and handling of glare.
The Q90T is just better overall, much better HDR TV due to better brightness and local dimming. The Q95T is the same TV only with a one connect box to help keep cable tidy.

Samsung back HDR10+ which is the format Amazon uses, whilst Sony Dolby Vision which is the format disney/netflix use.

HDR will work on each TV in all apps though, as if a TV doesn't support HDR10+/Dolby Vision HDR it will fall back to the basic HDR10 layer.

Ideally to maximise your value for money you want to aim to shop at Black Friday or later, TVs currently are overpriced.

Regarding improvements, you should see a healthy improvement in detail and especially HDR on a larger, more capable HDR model. Regular TV that is HD or less won't be as sharp on a big TV, but its the price you pay to enjoy the best quality material available.


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Thanks for the reply Dodgexander.

I did look at the Sony 75XH9505 which is currently at £2599. Do you reckon this is still over priced? What in your opinion is the best TV size for future proofing? Is 65" a better size to give the balance on Sky HD & UHD?

If you had my budget and wanted to buy a TV right now what would be your choice?

My head is pickled with all these selections :laugh:


I wouldn't buy a thing right now, TVs are overpriced. Wait for Black Friday deals, possibly consider waiting even longer. To get an idea, look at last years 75XG9505 and see the price drop around Black Friday/Xmas last year: Sony Bravia KD-75XG9505 (TVs)

Your budget is enough to afford a decent 75" TV, 85" is really pushing it...if you bought the TV at a really good time and got a good deal, 85" may be in reach.

Really a lot depends on how much of your budget you want to reserve for sound too. You could spend 1k on a 75" TV and forgo any kind of future proofing, but you'd get more room for sound.

If I was in the market for a 75" or 85" I'd go for the Sony XH9505 or Samsung Q90T.

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