£3000 budget for a multi use Hifi System


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Been lurking for ages, first post so here goes.

Back in the day I was a drum and bass Dj for many years, I have a large collection of over 3000 records of many different genres, but mostly electronic music. They are gathering dust, I still have my Technic 1200 Mk2, also gathering dust.

Now I have the budget, aforementioned, I want to wipe off the dust and start djing at home, as well as listening. Also I'd like to run my TV into the system.

I have 3k to spend, that's pretty flexible though. I've been watching alot of YouTube vids from Darko etc and I can't make a decision on what to buy.

Asthetics are important to me, I like the look of the Schitt range for example.

The room itself is 3m by 6m attic conversion with the classic slanted roof. Where the speakers would sit, I'm after a stereo set up, there is a one metre recess on either side of the shorter end wall.

I'm also a keen woodworker and have found, on soundimports.eu som floorstanders, flat pack Tritrix speakers for £450 that I'm pretty keen on as a project.

The rest of the chain I was considering was Aloo signature streamer, Schitt Multibit Dac, Schiit Freya+ (valve version), Crown XLS 1002 Power Amp.

The Turntables would also be running through a mixer.

What would you guys recommend? Should I buy self assembly speakers? Is this going to as flexible imas I need it to be?


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A million and one choices 🙂.

Kef ls50 wireless + sub from me. Includes some DSP for room variations. Add Schiit of choice.

Style and Power.

A bit like me ... 😁
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If you have a mixer then a cheap dac could be added for the tv then the world is your lobster, amp and speaker or active speakers.

also any reason for keeping the mixer? at this price integrated amps with a phono input are pretty good, rega elicit for example or yamaha as1100/2100, the Technics will just plug in.


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A quick search came up with these -

Adam s3x-v - 9+4+1" active monitors with lots of adjustment to tailor to your room.

Add the Emotiva PT100 preamp and you have phono input for the technics and optical for the TV - you won't need the mixer then.

or there is this that may be of interest - nad S100 pro preamp but you will need to add a DAC for the TV but these are available from £20 and for TV that would probably be OK.



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Alternatively if you want to go passive then -

Rega Elicit-R at £1100 - good phono input buit not DAC

guys on here seem to rate this with Kef R series so -

Kef R3 (in white ???) ex display £900

Add a sub of your choice - maybe one (or two) of these - BK Double Gem but P12 / XLS200 / XLS400 would work.

And a dac - rega Dac would be sensible to go with the Elicit £280

Final bit of the jigsaw is speaker stands but that will be up to you on style, colour size but should be £100-200 max.



A once in a lifetime buy.

All told, more like £3900.

But all the hifi you’re likely to need with the immense bonus of RoomPerfect.

A chat with this fellow would be worthwhile.

[email protected]


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Exactly the same story as me! Got 1000s of records dnb, jungle & us deep house! 2nd hand would give you massive choices! I’ve got an Onix dna45 amp, ProAC studio 125 speakers, rel t7 sub, 1210s,vestax mixer, bluesound streamer & Nakamichi tape deck for those tape pack moments! Totally doable for 3k & easily cost double that! Start exploring & listening to lots of options!

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another junglist / former bedroom dj here: definitely use some of that budget for a subwoofer. i'd recommend the BK XLS200 or XLS400. with that kind of music, without a good sub you'll always be wanting more


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Hey, thanks for all the info. I've been checking out ebay for second hand gear. I found a Hegel hi90 at a decent price.. That I think I'll pull the trigger on. Fully integrated isn't something I was looking at but the reviews look good, would you recommend?

Also, for the djs out there. I've been looking at a Denon Prime 4 mixer so I can get into digital djing, I stopped in the nighties before the digi thing started, looks like fun. Would you go thag route or go fully analogue a la Mastersounds or Allen and Heath?
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