£300 pounds for a hifi


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Not sure about the speakers and the quote from their web site "High Quality easy to use speaker wiring system" would cause me to think it's some sort of proprietary system that might make using other speakers difficult.

If you think you may want to upgrade the speakers at any point it might be best to check this out before you buy.


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I'd recommend an Onkyo CR-515. Just got one for a family member and they're very happy with it. You can pick up the unit alone for £200 (e.g. Amazon), with a pair of speakers for £300 (e.g. Superfi), or with some better speakers for £320 (at Creative Audio) - all by mail order.


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I'd agree with the previous post_ The Onkyo is pretty good (as is the Denon DM35DAB and the Yamaha CRXM 170). Until recently the Denon -31 won the "What HiFi" best mini system award every year. More recently the Denon (the -35) has lost some of that appeal and the Onkyo has picked up the tab (and I'm sure I saw a good review of the Yamaha system somewhere. There should also be a TEAC model around as well). Look at Richer Sounds or the Superfi web site for some more details.

Any of these systems can be bought with speakers (which are pretty good for the package price) or you can buy the cd-receiver on it's own and purchase speakers separately. Some of them (e.g. the Onkyo) can also be "matched" with an ipod adapter if that's of use to you.

The Denon S-81 is slightly "less flexible" with different speakers as it is designed with it's own 4 ohm speakers in mind (as GW43 suggests). The other units are probably all capable of accepting other speakers (although check before you purchase) which gives you more options for different speakers from different manufacturers. These other units may well have more inputs than the S-81

We have two (older) Denon DRM-31 systems around the house with their supplied speakers. They are great value for money and sound pretty good. In magazine reviews the DRM-31 has been used with some very expensive speakers (i.e. £2K speakers on a £250 cd-receiver) and they have not disgraced themselves.



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Yes_ that Comet deal is probably fine. The speakers generally supplied with these little units are usually a UK design and usually pretty good.

If you do buy the system package (and I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't) you should also spend some cash on a decent pair of speaker stands if sound quality is important to you. A good pair (e.g Atacama Audio Nexus series_ look on the Superfi website) will probably set you back about £60.

My suggestion about keeping your (speaker) options open was to allow you purchase separate speakers if you wished. For example_ on the Superfi website, the Onkyo speakers seem to get a good review (I assume that they are the same ones supplied with the comet package). However if you wanted to purchase a set of floorstanders (e.g. Kef Cresta 30 speakers) they might increase your overall cost to ~£320 if you wanted to go with that option. With floorstanders you obviously wouldn't need a set of speaker stands.

With all things 'audio', particularly if you're after "Quality sound" (as you suggested), you should really go and listen to the system that you're interested in. Listening to some different speakers, you might find that you prefer the sound of the different ones rather than the supplied pair.
(OK_ at the £300 price point, it might be a little difficult to do that but it's worth your consideration).

Good luck with your purchase.


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