£300 integrated or AVC A1D for Music ?



Hello Peeps

I am wondering if a £300 integrated amp would give an improvement to music over my Denon A1D. I know the Denon is to be supposed fairly musical for an av amp.

But I have read a few things, which would make me, think that a £300 amp would be better for music.

In one forum post someone said that their Marantz pm7200 was a big improvement over their AVC 10SE, which should be fairly similar in sound terms to my Denon.

So I was thinking of getting maybe a Marantz PM7200 to drive the fronts and for music. Am I mad?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

From my other posts you can see that I like my music to have good resolution, but at the same time not be tiring. I like things on the side of warm. As my Rega gives a good warm sound would it be a mistake to get the Marantz, which may be a little warm, its self.




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Marantz av amps are much warmer sounding than their integrated amps. I sent the 5400 back for that reason. The 7200 is a good amp though I haven't heard the ki version. The HK 670 is a killer for under 250 but there's only a few around (much brighter sounding than Marantz). Try rgbdirect. You're not the first person disappointed in ht stuff for music.


Thanks for the info.

Its interesting to hear that Marantz av receivers are warmer sounding, compaired to the integrated amps.
I have owned 2 Marantz av receivers in the past (SR4200 and SR5300). Both had quite a warm sound IMO.

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