£300 Budget new or seconds or older seconds?


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Hey all

As per title really. Looking to setup everything from scratch and have outlay as follows

£300 amp / receiver
£500 Speakers inc sub
£700 Screen

They will be connected to a sky box and blu ray dvd player and mainly used on the weekend for football and movies.

The room is 5m x 3.5m and although the house is detached I have 5 year old twins so cant really play loud.

Before deciding on which components to use i'm not sure whether to go BNIB or second hand or whether to go for older second hand items.

£300 BNIB will probably get an entry level amp and may be a bit cheaper second hand. Or I could go for amps say 12 - 24 months old and get something that was midrange at that time i.e. around £600.

The other option would be an all in one system but I think seperates would be better over all as I can replace items as and when necessary.

What would be your thoughts?



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your budget is close to what mine was.just throwing a general idea out here all around your set budget...

av amp:denon 1910 or yamaha 765 (great amps but discontinued lines so they may be hard to source but if you find one,grab it)

speakers:Q acoustic 2000 5.1 cinema pack (very good and very popular speakers,punch above their weight imo,can be had for £450-£550 depending on colour etc)

tv:LG 42lh4000 (great picture,i have the level above 37lh5000 bought because of small room size and the 'extra features' which i have now realised are just gimmicks,stoopid me!)

this is just an idea of what an avarage gentleman may consider.this is basically my setup except i have the yamaha 1065.


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Getting one of last years models would be a good start and get you a better reciever for you money.
I would look at the Sony 2400ES (can be bought for £300 from Richer Sounds if a VIP member-free to join online), Onkyo 607, Yamaha 565/765 and Denon 1910. These should all be within your £300 budget and are good value for money at the moment. Also in Richer Sounds they have the Q Accoustics 1010i AV set for £300 (used to be £500 until the 2000 series replaced them). These are not far behind the 2000 series and are a real bargain too. This would leave a little more for the TV or just save you some money for something else (maybe a Logitech Harmony remote to make operation of all you nice new equipment easier).


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Yeah, as above-dont discount the Onkyo range in Richer sounds--a mate has one, and its an impressive beast.


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I've just been looking at the manufacturer websites and checking some posts on here and narrowed things down a little.

I wasnt aware of TrueHD and DTS-HD when I started this post and now think I should get an amp which can decipher these so not worth looking into old stuff. But I'm in two minds on whether to go latest models or outgoing models i.e.

Can get the latest
Yamaha RX-V467 for £270
Onkyo TX-SR308 £210, TX-SR508 for £290
Sony STR-DH810 for £290

Or last years / outgoing
Yamaha RX-V565 £250
Onkyo TX-SR507 £150, TX-SR607 £300
Sony STR-DH800 £240

On pretty much all of these the only difference between outgoing and latest appears to be 3D / HDMI v1.4 support. Whilst I dont intend to go for 3D as its premium plus some, never know in the future but the Onkyo 507 @ £150 is real tempting!

So I guess the question now is, is it worth spending a little more for HDMI v1.4 compliance? Think I'm gonna have to do a bit more research.

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