£2500 to spend on a plasma


maximus desimus

Hi all
ive talked the other half into a new plasma (first1 ever)

ive got £2500 to spend
im after Hdtv compatable for sky
i have sky+ at the moment
im looking for a 42 incher
also a decent cabinet stand
i have seen a jvc but it only has 3 out of 4 hdtv resalutions no good for sky hd jvc is 720p 60hz i was told sky hd will be 720p 50hz any help on this aswell please

any advice or help please
please be gentle as im a total noob

thanks for any help

Maximus :hiya:


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The Panasonic TH42PHD8 is the one everyone is raving about at present, gonna order one myself in the coming weeks.

Will set you back about £2200 for the panel, another £140 for the HDMI board and another £100 on top of that for the stand.

Bargain :D

Edit: You will probably need about £50 of cables for your current kit too, the panel comes with composite bnc, s-video board only :/

It can however support component through the inbuilt VGA connection. Again, about £65 for the cable :/

maximus desimus

thanks for the relpy and info
im looking to buy yesterday as every day wasted my other half keeps changing her mind

i also have a dvd 5.1 kit to connect
which are the best connections and leaeds to use for both sky+ and dvd player

thanks for anymore help advice
Maximus :clap:

theo cupier

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I'm assuming Sky+ has an RGB scart connection (I only have basic Sky box), in which case, a JS Tech RGB2VGA converter may be a good bet since it seems to produce a good picture, according to reports, and makes use of the inbuilt VGA connection.

DVD depends, either a component board (the BNC one is pretty cheap) or HDMI board if your player supports it.

Alternatively, if your DVD is component, you could get a JS RGB2YUV converter for the Sky+ and JS Component master switcher to connect both of these to the VGA port via a JS YUV2VGA converter, but this works out a little more expensive than the first option, I think.


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theo, thats more expensive than necessary, scart board (reportedly works better than in previous pannys), and dvd via component into VGA, then HDMI when you need it :)

however, the pv500 looks better suited to your question, with built in sound

maximus desimus

Hi thanks for all your help
my dvd is a sony dav-s 800 on the back it has a s-video output that im using now(s-vide to scart)it doesnt have a scart socket but it also has video outputs i think these are comonent im not sure
would i be best using s-video to s-video on the panny 500
also any advice where to buy one im totaly sold on one of these with a cabinet stand

thanks for any more help
Maximus :hiya:

maximus desimus

hi all
where do i get these leads and which is the best way to connect to the panny 500
Maximus :hiya:

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