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£250 + VAT for an install, good price?


Active Member
hi everyone, i got a company to come round earlyer to look at having my plasma put up above a fire place and for them to channel out to put the leads in the wall, most of the leads will be covered by the fire surround (taking this off, putting the leads in and replacing surround) so theres very little plastering to do and they told me it would be £250 + VAT is this a reasonable price do you think for this type of install?




Well-known Member
I can tell you that my company currently charges £260 plus VAT per man day. We are Cedia members, fully insured and only use trained/experienced installation technicians. We are based in Glasgow so you may need to factor in location as well.

So £250 sounds a fair price providing you are comparing like for like IMO.


Active Member
yeah they said it should take about half a day so do you think thats still a reasonable price?

Jon Boy

Active Member
I'm not a member of any special groups and i dont have insurance but for a job like that i'd prob charge £150 not that i'm offering as its against the rules on here lolol

tbh for a professional company id say that doesnt sound too bad but most tradesmen , brickys , plasterers , partitioners etc etc will be on £150 a day less 18% tax so basically you're paying the guy that comes round a days wages and the comapny he works for a days wages!
Saying that you do get an insured install so if your screen was to fall down they would replace it i presume , where as if you got one of your mates to do it you wouldnt get this!

Swings and roundabouts i guess!



Active Member
...over 400 pounds plus sundries (sockets, electrical cable, any connectors etc.) - but INC. VAT.

However, this was including chasing cables into walls for the 5 speakers BUT excluding plastering and redecoration (which we did/got done separately). We had to take skirting boards off but they had a lot of fun trying to get the cable in the expansion gaps and then up into the walls without too much disruption. They then came back after decoration and fitting, configured and tested the kit (although the extent to which they've fine-tuned it I'm not so sure).

That now feels a bit expensive (particularly as I paid for the kit through a dealer so there was a bit of a premium there as he didn't match internet prices) but having said that there were 2 guys here for approx. half a day times 2 visits (so 2 man days?!) plus an electrician for a few hours putting a couple of extra double sockets in and providing a certificate for the whole lot.

So yours doesn't sound too bad but I guess I got a lot more but paid a lot more for it, if you see what I mean!

Next time I'm inviting Jon Boy over from northampton way, buying the kit on the net with advice from here, and having a big pocket of change!!!!
i'd say £400 for what you had done does not seem unreasonable - consider the electrician coming to certify the work - thats going to be around £100. (if the install co' subbed the trician in) so £150 per person per day for the installers.

the work they did should be insured so if thr worst did happen, your own insurance premium wouldnt rise, and any remedial repair needed would be with the installers.

for me to come out and install a screen onto a wall, chase the plaster, install all appropriate cables in conduit, fit a nice wall exit / terminal plate, guarantee my work and then set things up to work, and if i was supplying the kit a breif operating manual with one callout all attached i would charge £250 (pending a site survey) i currently price my work at a 'per job' cost- rather than my time.

hope this helps.



Active Member
jonnyt - where are u based m8? maybe you could look at this job for me and see what you think? i live in Nuneaton (Midlands) near Coventry


See installers directory, Northern Digital Solutions, im in birmingham thurs 2 march.
Hi Sean, i am based in Sheffield - birmingham/coventry is only a few hours away.

as per the rules of the forum, i cannot advertise my business without paying for it (something i will get round to doing)

however, if you feel as though you would like to discuss your project, please PM me and i would be happy to talk things over with you. However to 'keep it clean' with regards to the avforums, it would have to be your choice.

if this is ok?

Kind regards,



Active Member
Jon Boy said:
I'm not a member of any special groups and i dont have insurance but for a job like that i'd prob charge £150 not that i'm offering as its against the rules on here

You actually work in peoples homes completely uninsured?

Johnnyt, you have basically said you do not want to advertise your business but please email me to discuss it. This is frowned upon as lots of members pay for such advertising.


Distinguished Member
sean_numark said:
jonnyt - where are u based m8? maybe you could look at this job for me and see what you think? i live in Nuneaton (Midlands) near Coventry

Due to your proximal location and the advertising rules I have to answer but can only refer you to my profile for a company that will be able to help either directly or through a subbie pretty immediately and at a competitive price - obviously tell the company you contact that Sean sent you. (and that he doesn't want to get in trouble with avf staff but feels that he can help at least in the locality)

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