£250 to spend on a sub! help please!!


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Hello i am looking to replace my small Yamaha YST-FSW100 sub as it keep getting overpowerd when i turn it up i have £250 budjet and was looking at the M J Acoustics PRO 50 MK2. This has won many awards and i also want it compact it sounds perfect to me am i making the right choice

I live in a terrace so i dont want an earthquake either. Advice anyone??


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Given that a MkII offers a 10" driver in a compact cabinet, then yes it's a good buy for £300 in the high street.

For £30 more, you could bolt on another 155w in a slightly bigger cabinet and get the BK XLS-200 which in performance terms is directly comparable with the MJ Ref 200.

I know you're not looking for earth moving bass, but a good sub turned down will sound better than an average sub, as its working well within it's limits. When you move to somewhere bigger, it just saved you upgrading too.


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