£25 progressive scan DVD player


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A 25 quid prog scan DVD player with free delivery? Look no further than here.

Hope someone bags a bargain.


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Thanks for the tip.

Just ordered one for the bedroom.

Let's hope there's a multi region code for it.


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Mine arrived earlier. It's a Maxim MX11-21 a great bargain for the cash!

It's smaller than a regular dvd player, with an A4 sized footprint, or thereabouts. It has a Scart socket capable of carrying RGB, playes Jpg, WMA, MP3 AND is multiregion out of the box. Checked mine with Go & Bruce Almighty, no prob's.

PQ is fine, (haven't tested progreesive yet), and the mechanism is very quiet. All told a true bargain for the money. It even comes with a scart lead!

My only gripe is the remote which isn't brilliant, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Recommended!



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Isn't this the one that has VERY bad lip synch problems?

Be interested to hear a review of it.


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Even though it only has a 2 channel audio connection it still has a DTS decoder built in! So you can play DTS sound tracks through your tv or prologic surround system. A very nice feature.

Seems excellent with copied media despite the warning in the manual. For some reason wouldn't run my region 2/4 Jurassic Park 3 dvd. It came up as VCD then stopped. No other problems.

I actually really like the remote and look of the player. I also like the fact you can use progressive and s-video output at the same time. This might indicate it uses a seperate de-interlacing chip which would be staggering for the money. Must open it up to see whats inside.


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This should help anyone whose got this player and its not multiregion.

Key in 9735 to get to the hidden menu where you can select region, rating and password. No macrovision off feature I'm afraid.

The player is based on the Sunplus HE8200A chipset.


Sadly not a lot of information on the site that I can find.


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Seems the sunplus decoding chip in these licenses silicon images technology and it has an embedded SIL 504 de-interlacer built in. Well possibly a cut down version anyway. I did a search for SIL 504 and Denon came up in most of the hits. So it can't be too bad. However the Denons had 12bit video compared to this sunplus's 10bit output. I've not even tried it yet but its progressive output shouldn't be too bad if silicon Image are involved.

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