£200 for surround sound speakers


I have an absolute maximum of 200 to spend on speakers.

its not gonna be an upgradable system. its going to be permanent.

I wanted the tannoys for 200 from RS but they just said they don;t do them anymore.

any alternatives?

I have the Pioneer 402 reciever.

edit: sorry i found one rs store with a couple tannoys left.

but if there are any alternatives please say,


If you are getting any sort of income - I would serisouly wait till you can afford an extra £50. The Mordaunt-Short Premiere system is excellent.

Beastie Boy

I've just brought 2 pairs of Monitor Audio Bronze Bfx rears, MRRP £200.

They are available from HiFiBitz for £165 http://www.hifibitz.co.uk/product.asp?id=2078

Can't comment on how they compare because I haven't been able to install them yet but is gives you another option.

Cheers, Beastie.


The Premieres are slightly bigger than your average satellite speaker, thus giving you a stronger midrange.

You really cant fall off with the quality of these speakers!

F G Evans

I got them from hiwayhifi.com for £149.99 with free delivery.

The website states that they are still in stock


they only have them in black.

everything else i have is in silver.

i tried to get RS to price match but they picked up on this colour thing and said they'd only match like for like


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If you have a Bennetts Electrical near you, check to see if they have Tannoy FX 5.1's. They were selling them in Silver and Black for £126.
I then got Richer to price match and got them for £116 :smashin: - Damn good speakers for the price....

Mango Bob

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Another vote for Canton CD1s, they sounded lovely when I listened to them and are £200 from germany...there's an enormous thread about them here somewhere.

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