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I'm after some bookshelf speakers and have a budget of around £200. I currently have a Cambridge Audio A5 amp which is currently connected to my PC in my lounge but doing nothing as I have no speakers.

I'm planning on moving my PC out of my lounge and using the amp to connect my TV through my V+ box and to my xbox which I'm using as a media extender. Primarily the speakers will be used for watching films and playing music.

Although I've had a little look around, I'm not 100% sure what I should be looking for...? I've seen the Wharfdale Diamond 10.1 for £170 which seems like it could be a good deal, but I'm wondering if I should go down the second hand route...? I literally listen to all types of music, from indie and folk, right through to downtempo electronica, techno and drum and bass.

I'm working with a relatively tight budget and upgrading my amp definitely isn't an option for the moment although it does seem logical that I'll need an amp which I can use a remote with at some point.

Any advice appreciated.




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I'd stick these on your list for consideration;

XTZ | Sound in balance

6 1/2" driver as opposed to the 5" on the 10.1s.
Bigger is simply better for decent lower-midrange imo.

You also get adjustment for the tweeter too, which enables you to take the edge off the treble, should you think it's too much.
Very useful, although you probably have a tone control on your amp :)

But it depends, as we all have different preferences and speakers are a very personal thng.

And yes of course, second hand would be a good idea :smashin:


Hmmm, thanks for the replies. Will certainly consider the both of those. Are there any other within the price range I should look at?


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